Family Friendly, Individualized, 1:1 Training

 Barbara White-Willner
K-9 SOL Owner

Certified Trainer: IACP, Professional #2994; National K9 #502

Member of Diabetes Alert Dog Alliance

Evaluator: TMH Animal Therapy, Pet Partners, & AKC CGC



"Providing Socialization, Obedience and Leadership to People and Their Pets"

Phone: 850.422.2599

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Client Testimonials

Frank & Vet Williams

Meeting Barbara White was absolutely the best thing that could have happened to our family. Barbara showed patience for the three of us and lots of love for Bausha, our Doberman Pinscher. When our training was completed, we had a dog we could really enjoy without the constant leaping in our chests and pulling when we would walk her. In fact, our granddaughters, Kendall and Kelly, can walk her, and they are ages four and seven.

We would recommend Barbara to anyone who needs help with their loving pet.

Patrick and Tiffany McMonigle

After getting our Doberman, Gracie, we found Barbara White and started training. When we decided to get a Doberman, we knew that with children as young as ours (3 & 5) we needed her to be trained. We were amazed how effective the training was in such a short time. In just a few days, she was so disciplined and eager to please. The one-on-one training that Barbara provides is leaps and bounds above traditional puppy classes and group dog training. At the completion of each day, Barbara taught us what Gracie had done that day as well as give us homework to do with her. In essence she did not just train our dog but us as well.

Now [the children] know Gracie will follow their every command. We love letting them hold the leash on walks because, despite how strong she is, we know Gracie will not pull them. We also look forward to continuing Gracie’s protection training. That Paxton of hers is not to be messed with but such a sweetheart at the same time. Tiff and I are looking forward to getting Grace to that level.

Without hesitation, we would recommend everyone go to Barbara for all their dog’s training needs. She truly loves the animals she trains, and we just want to thank her for being who she is.

Chrys Ives-Goodwyne

Owen and I were planning on getting married and were afraid my dog, Chipper, would attack his cat. Chipper had a very bouncy personality, but we couldn't figure out if he was aggressive or not with other animals. So - we turned him over to Barbara. She had such a keen sense of dog personality that she knew within a day that he was not aggressive and that eventually all would be OK. However, we did need to get him under control just a bit before introducing the two. For a week she worked with him on obeying and minding, coming when called and not chasing (and therefore not scaring) a cat just because he was there! Barb also came to our home the first two times we introduced the two.

Well - end of story - They lived happily ever after! Thanks to K-9 SOL. Miracles do happen!

Mike and Christine Gallagher

I highly recommend Barbara and K-9 SOL. We had a high-strung Doberman with an attention span of zero. Walking Vixen was painful from her jerking and pulling me down the street and lunging after every squirrel that passed us. I tried to train her myself with several, fancy "no-pull" contraptions with no success. Barb had her walking at my side, without pulling in 3 days!

Now we have a more focused Doberman that can contain her energy, and the whole family can walk her!