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 Barbara White-Willner
K-9 SOL Owner

Certified Trainer: IACP, Professional #2994; National K9 #502

Member of Diabetes Alert Dog Alliance

Evaluator: TMH Animal Therapy, Pet Partners, & AKC CGC



"Providing Socialization, Obedience and Leadership to People and Their Pets"

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Puppy PreSchool

K-9 SOL offers a small, personalized experience.

  • Two 1.5 hour classes to review any problems an individual/family is having with the puppy
  • The All-You-Need-To-Know-To-Survive-Puppyhood 101
  • Puppy Playtime followed by questions, play-biting, house-training, chewing, leash-training, & more...

The age of 8-16 weeks is one of the most influential when your puppy resembles a computer, and his/her brain is like a hard drive, ready to be imprinted. After the 16-week period, the brain processes new knowledge primarily around what’s already imprinted. For example, many dogs are thunderstorm-phobic when they never encounter a storm during this impressionable period. So the goals of Puppy PreSchool are dual: (1)to educate owners about the importance of this imprint period and (2)to demonstrate to owners the best ways to introduce puppies to the strange or unfamiliar.  We all want puppies well socialized, confident, and ready for obedience by the time they are five months old.

The first rule of Puppy PreSchool is to have fun with your new furry buddy. I try to answer any puzzlers you might be struggling with — the best way to get poop out of the oriental rug, how to convince Lady to quit chewing on your arm. If you follow my advice, house-training and/or play-biting issues will soon be in the past.  Many people think that puppy class is not necessary but your adult dog's brain--with its fears and  resulting behaviors--is set during this class period.  So think of this as preventative maintenance to provide you with a help build a great adult dog.  

And how do I know? Because I use the same techniques on all mine— they work!

The classes cover everything from K-9 first aid to grooming — useful information for either first-time or repeat dog owners.  I also show you handling, socialization and physical exercises to aid in helping you develop a lifelong bond with your new pup. 

While many of your veterinarians are going to express concern about very young puppies attending any kind of puppy class, this is in a very controlled environment where all the vaccination records are checked (after all, my dogs live here too), and there are never more than two to three puppies at the time but you may request an individual session.  

Finally, in answer to the concerns that many of you, as well as your veterinarian, have about young puppies attending Puppy PreSchool I would like to share the American Veterinarian Society of Animal Behavior's position statement from October 1, 2008: Puppies should have at least one set of vaccines as well as a first deworming and should be noticeably well.  

"While veterinarians are appropriately concerned about infectious disease in young puppies, the fact is that behavioral issues--not infectious diseases -- are the number one cause of death for dogs under 3 years of age, according to the AVSAB. Veterinarians contribute to these behavioral issues when recommending pets be kept away from possible germs until their vaccine series is complete." - AVSAB     

Each Class=$75.00 (or $150.00 for both)