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 Barbara White-Willner
K-9 SOL Owner

Certified Trainer: IACP, Professional #2994; National K9 #502

Member of Diabetes Alert Dog Alliance

Evaluator: TMH Animal Therapy, Pet Partners, & AKC CGC



"Providing Socialization, Obedience and Leadership to People and Their Pets"

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Obedience Training

Why Private Obedience Training?

Obedience training is the key to clear and effective communication between yourself and your dog. Because training is based on both mutual respect and communication, a strong obedience foundation is the answer to a majority of dogs’ behavior problems. Research shows that all-breed/group classes are not usually effective—just affordable. No, K-9 SOL is not the training facility for everyone. I cost more than the group classes, but I will give you more attention and more results. If you do not have the time, the patience, the energy, the knowledge, whatever—to be one of a crowd—call me.

My training style is what is popularly referred to as "the balanced" approached.  What does this mean? I do not feel that the "all positive" style works as there are no repercussions for non-compliance.  Just like kids, dogs need to know that their are boundaries and that their are consequences. I also feel the use of food (also part of the all-positive method) all-too-often becomes a negative reinforcer due to poor timing.  So, instead, I correct, as little as possible, and then really praise, to create a picture for the dog of what I want.  A wise trainer once told me, "Never say never and never say always." Along those lines, I think training dogs should be like the ideal classroom for kids; training, and the equipment you choose, should be individual to meet the needs of each dog.  

At K-9 SOL I cover more effectively in a few lessons what all-breed classes take six weeks to teach. I use one trainer working one-on-one with your dog.  Then, at the end of the training session, the owner receives a written lesson reviewing what was covered during the day's training and what needs to be done for homework. Of course, all owners are free to call/email/text regarding training questions or problems between lessons.

How Does Private Training Work?

I prefer consultations and training at K-9 SOL. Here I have toys, crates, two yards, my personal/demonstration dogs and access to numerous city parks and dog-friendly businesses within a few miles, all available for training. Both dogs and owners are on neutral territory, useful for diagnosing and solving behavioral and training issues.

I do insist, since dogs will be in my family's personal yard/home, around my own dogs as well as other young puppies, that owners bring written proof not only of immunizations but flea prevention to the initial consultation. If there is any doubt about fleas, however, I will send you and your dog home.

For those pet owners who are nervous about having a virtual stranger handle their dog, I would be glad to furnish names and phone numbers to call for recommendations beyond the ones included on the website. And a note for any nervous pet moms and dads, I have yet to have a dog who is not excited and eager to jump out of the car, ready to work by the second day…even the really shy ones! Yes, I work and I do correct, but I also praise whenever possible.

How Do I Get Started with My Dog?

First, the owner (and families are welcome) and dog come in for an evaluation. At the evaluation, the trainer reviews background information, health, goals, etc. to give the owner the best recommendation. This takes about an hour and costs $75.00. Then the owner decides whether or not to pursue training, and if so, sets up a training schedule with me. Note:  I do encourage all clients to bring a quality 5-6' leash and the training collar of my recommendation to each lesson.

Private Sessions @ K-9 SOL:  45 minute session= $75.00 @ K-9 SOL

K-9 SOL accepts cash or personal checks only