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 Barbara White-Willner
K-9 SOL Owner

Certified Trainer: IACP, Professional #2994; National K9 #502

Member of Diabetes Alert Dog Alliance

Evaluator: TMH Animal Therapy, Pet Partners, & AKC CGC



"Providing Socialization, Obedience and Leadership to People and Their Pets"

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About K-9 SOL

Dogs who understand their training are happy dogs.

K-9 SOL (Socialization, Obedience & Leadership) was founded in 2007 as K-9 SOS (Socialization Obedience School), but in 2012 the business was literally SOL for a name when I discovered the name had been federally trademarked.  But I believe our new name actually reflects my goals better as I strive to provide socialization, obedience and leadership to both dogs and owners.  

My goal at K-9 SOL is for dogs and owners to enjoy co-existing for years to come. To best accomplish this, I like to start dogs in Puppy PreSchool during the 8-16 week period to take advantage of the first and strongest socialization period. Then I strongly encourage private lessons for Basic Obedience to focus on building not only a vocabulary of basic commands but the beginning of that necessary foundation of trust and respect between owner and dog.

I also have older dogs needing behavior modification, accomplished with a combination of obedience and socialization. Usually, with behavior problems, we, the owners, need to take responsibility for problems we have either created or encouraged.  Yet no matter the age or the issue, the puppy/dog should enjoy the training and want to return to school.  The same is true of nightly homework; we, the owners must keep it fun and challenging.

Finally, if an owner is interested in advanced training, together the owner/handler and I begin with Advanced Obedience, moving to Off-Leash Obedience. What an owner and dog can accomplish once the dog is reliable off the leash is limitless but strictly up to the owner’s willingness to work and preference: everything from the simple fun of running on the beach with your dog off-leash next to you, qualifying for pet therapy, to serious work in scent detection and tracking, search and rescue, etc.

Service Dog training is an area I am becoming more and more involved in.  Service Dogs also begin with puppy socialization, Basic to Off-leash obedience and then move on to their area of service.  I have experience in training mobility dogs and medical alert dogs, and training these medical gifts is my passion.     

My best friend is worth it - isn’t yours?